Promo BlueJeans + Polycom

6-lug-2017 – 30-set-2017

• Combine the best of BlueJeans with the best of Polycom
   –BlueJeans in the core
   –Polycom in the meeting room

• Cloud-based video network

• Enterprise-grade meeting room experience

• Easily deploy video across any device

• Same consistent user experience

• 6 months UNLIMITED use of BlueJeans for the entire company
• 2 different options:
   –Small deployment for companies with 1-1000 employees;
   –Large deployment for companies with 1001+ employees;

• Combine with Polycom Trade-In and Group Series promotions to cost effectively deploy video

• Add Polycom Debut & Group Series 310 for huddle/small rooms with extra 10% discount

• Headset ‘Cloud’ with extra 10% discount

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Promo Polycom + BlueJeans


Rosario Blanco

Technical Engineer